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Arts at Carleton

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Arts at Carleton

Arts at Carleton

Over winter break I returned to my hometown of Tucson, visiting the painting-filled coffee shops with stylized tiles and hanging bicycles. Wheels and soda cans were molded into forming ceiling fans, door knobs, and wall decor. I value creative energy, something people do not expect from small, rural towns. People often underestimate the artistic potential of small towns, like Tucson and Northfield, which has urged me to seek this wherever I go. Aside from the snowmen and snow sculptures students create during lunch, I have found so much comfort in Carleton’s artistic life.

The Cave, Carleton’s student-run performance space, frequently hosts student rappers, local bands, poets, and DJs. In fact, last year DarkMatter, a nonbinary trans poet duo, performed at The Cave! And a fun-fact is that The Cave is an open study space on Tuesday-Thursday nights with free food and drinks.

As for movies, something I’m incredibly passionate about, the Student Union Movie Organization (SUMO) and the Weitz theater are super cool! Every weekend SUMO shows current movies, recently Moana and next week documentaries about sushi and Syrian refugee camps. Also at the library you can check out movies, so these past two weekends my friends and I reserved our lounge and screened It Follows, (500) Days of Summer, and Gone Girl – of course complete with giant bags of tortilla chips, Takis, popcorn, and cups of hot tea.

Lastly, performances are huge at Carleton! Sometimes it’s actually difficult to prioritize which shows to attend because there are multiple in one night. This weekend I attended Synchrony, a dance show held in the main floor of Sayles. Later that night my friends attended Cujokra, an on-campus comedy group, to support our friends!

Whether your interests lead you to dance, sculpture, comedy, or film, I highly encourage you do some artsy exploration.

Stay warm & cute,

Sergio Demara

Sergio hails from Tucson, Arizona, a land where everyone adopts several cacti for pets, and eggs are fried to perfection on sidewalks from consistent 100+° F temperatures. That said, his interests include rock climbing, foreign films, and vegan/vegetarian cooking (and is always looking for treats in his mailbox). He is a potential Cinema & Media Studies or Political Science major who hopes to spread equality & activism through mixed media. Read on to meet the rest of our bloggers.